Why choose counselling? Counselling is a talking therapy that involves a trained counsellor/therapist listening to you and helping you find ways to deal with emotional issues.  Counselling provides a safe, empathetic, non judgemental space for you to gain a better understanding of your feelings and thought processes, and find your own solutions to problems.  Advice is not normally given and you are not told what to do.


Anxiety is used to describe feelings of worry, fear and unease.  We can all feel anxious at times and it is normal to feel tense about a potentially stressful situation such as a new job, moving home, exams a change of job. However, if these feelings are very strong, anxiety can become overwhelming, making it difficult to carry out everyday tasks.

Counselling can help you identify the source of your anxiety, relieve the pressure and offer coping mechanisms. Talking about your feelings can lead to a point of acceptance and a new way of viewing things.


Losing somebody special in your life can shake everything up – your beliefs, your sense of reality and your personality.  Bereavement is the time we spend adjusting to loss and everyone’s experience is unique.  The grief you can feel when you lose somebody close is often the most traumatic and heartbreaking experience

Counselling can offer support.  Talking about your feelings – good and bad, stops them from being bottled up and allow you to acknowledge your loss and so, counselling will support you through the different stages of bereavement.

Low Self Esteem

Low self esteem can be expressed in many different ways from feeling shy; being unable to say no; finding it hard to express yourself or being unable to receive positive or negative criticism.  If you experience low self esteem you may struggle with confidence and may feel undeserving of happiness.  Counselling can help strengthen self estee

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